Los Angeles, CA
at 622 South Anderson St. 90023
Tel: 213.863.9892


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+ What does DE FÉ specialize in?

DE FÉ Specializes in Advertising, Design, Graphic Design & Strategy.

+ Is my project too small for DE FÉ?

Not at all! We pride ourselves in being able to work with brands and projects of all sizes.

+ Which industries does DE FÉ work in?

DE FÉ works in many industries including Beauty, Consumer, Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Nonprofit, Political Communications, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Travel.

+ Does DE FÉ only work in Los Angeles?

While DE FÉ's main office is located in Los Angeles, we work in five continents with clients all over the world from Jamaica to Dubai and London to Toronto.

+ What does DE FÉ mean?

DE FÉ means 'of faith' in Portuguese. Whether its religious or not, we believe that you should have faith in everything you do. We do so in the form of passion and persistence. We believe in putting out good vibes into the world.

+ Does DE FÉ only do digital work?

Not at all. We also deal a lot in consumer goods (products), print, and environmental/space design.